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Welcome to Bseisa - oriental & contemporary dance art,
Burlesque & Pin-Up Style!

Bseisa is a professional belly dancer, instructor and choreographer with
focus on classic oriental dance and the combination of various character dances with the smooth movements from belly dance.

She created the BellySwing Style, a fusion of belly dance and Jazz dance of the 50s/60s.

Since 2013 she has been dedicated to Burlesque - from classical Vaudeville to the Pin Up style to Neo Burlesque.


Bseisa is internationally active. She hosts and organizes top class dance shows yearly with national and international artists.

You can book Bseisa for a charming and authentic performance at your private, corporate or public event.

Bseisa on tour:
Stöckachfest, Bseisa & Naadirah Bellydancers
Stuttgart, 23.09.2017, performance starts 05:00 PM

As a certified instructor Bseisa has to offer a large variety of classes and workshops from beginner- to masterclass. She is founder, head and choreographer of the ensemble Naadirah bellydancers.

***Bseisa's Show Genie's Cocktail on 18.11.2017 ***
Bseisa was recently in:
  Kopenhagen - 11/16  
  Varna - 07/16  
  Edremit - 05/16  
  Stockholm - 05/16  
  Château d'Oex - 03/16  

Bseisa's Show Genie's Cocktail18th November 2017, Kulturwerk, more information to follow.

  Bseisa's new class  

Uniquely in Stuttgart since 2013 Bseisa offers Burlesque Classes!

Under the motto "Lets go Burlesque" we will explore the cocquettish world of Burlesque.

For all girls and women who want to make their hen-night an unforgettable girls-night out, Bseisa Belle offers the perfect Burlesque - Pin Up, Chair Dance or Belly Dance workshop
Info & Registration

- Bseisa - orientalische Tanzkunst - Tel: 0171-444 34 58 - info@bseisa.de facebook